Kaminey: An effort wasted

kaminey-21 What do you expect a movie director to do with an energy pulsating song “Dhan Te Nan”.  You would imagine a high adrenalin action on this tune. Ah!! but you would not want the energy of the song to go wasted in the movie… do you? Yes, vishal bhardwaj will make all your fears come true on screen. This is the same director who made Omakara and The Blue Umbrella. With a director of such calibre, I expected something when i went to watch the movie.  But sadly, he has just fucked it all up.

I did not understand what the director wanted to make. A pulsating thriller, drama or humour.  I dont have a clue after watching this film.  Well, the story is about twin brothers ( Shahid Kapur) Charlie and Guddu. Yes, the same age old concept of one good and one bad brother etc etc, but this film has one thing more. Both the brothers have a speech problem… the good image bro stammers and the bad one has an issue with speaking “sh”, which he pronounces as “f”. And it becomes irritatingly boring when he speaks in this new changed speech with too many “F”s through out the movie.  “Mai Fa ko Fa bolta hun“. What the F?

If you remember the  comedy genre of Priyadarshan, you would notice that generally there are many parties in the movie. Each one of them somehow finds themselves at a single place at the end of the movie, and fight each other. There is a huge chaos and as it happens ultimately the hero and the heroine manage to survive all the drama. Be it Hera Pheri, Hungama or Malamaal Weekly, in every film the plot towards the end is the same. Vishal Bhardwaj has used the same concept of all the underworld, bad politicians fighting each other at the climax.. BUT in a lot more confusing and boring way.  Sometimse you just do not understand what on earth is going on. I think it would have been much better if he would have created this movie as a comedy rather than whatever it is right now.

The plot is very weak, the scene shifts are abrupt and confusing. You bring any calibre of actors/actresses, they can’t raise the bar of the film even if they try.  So i will not blame Shahid or Priyanka or anyone to spoil this movie, but Vishal Bhardwaj. I guess Shahid kapur has given a good performance in this movie, may be the only credit i will give to Vishal Bhardwaj.  There comes a stage in every good directors life, when he becomes so over confident of his early creations, that he automatically creates something that crushes his over-confidence.

But those of you who do not have anything else to do all these three days of holiday (Janamashtami, Independence day followed by a Sunday) and you are not afraid of either swine flu or Vishal Bhardwaj, go for it.  For the rest of you, enjoy the audio of this movie, its really good. Just imagine how good a movie can be by listening to the songs. Dont shatter your hopes by actually going and watching the movie.

(An interesting observation – Kaminey is rated A, but the cinema hall was full of kids.. wonder whats the use of such a censor war)


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