Rohail Hyatt: We miss you badly at Coke Studio

Rohail, it has been a couple of seasons after you left. The quality of Strings’s direction increased a bit from the last season but it is nowhere close to what it was when you were holding the reins. People tell me that I probably do not like change. But I do not think that is the reason. I enjoy a variety of music from different languages.

One of the most irritating aspect I find in the songs directed by Strings is that I always find myself adjusting the equalizer settings. And even then it doesn’t help. The mixing is pathetic for an audiophile like me.

E.g. Listen to these two songs. Dilruba Na Raazi – Zeb Bangash & Faakhir Mehmood (Season 9; directed by Strings) and Laili Jaan, Zeb & Haniya (Season 6: directed by Rohail Hyatt)

Both songs are peppy (and Zeb is singing both of them), but the balance of instruments used and vocals is just so perfect in the one directed by Rohail. And this is consistent across all songs directed by Rohail. The problem with Strings is that although the song melody is good, instruments sound forced and harsh. As if Strings think that creating a song is all about putting all these instruments together.

The other thing I miss is the quality of BTS. I really enjoyed watching the process of how songs were made. It was detailed and deeply inspiring. I would approach a new release by first watching the BTS and then watching the song. However, after you left, it has been just something they have to do like a checkbox. It has been missing its spirit. One can compare the BTS of the songs above, the BTS of Lalli Jaan would make you so closer to the song. BTS of Dilruba na Raazi would be just aeinwen hi.

I have been a big fan of Strings songs and it’s just I do not think they are doing good enough for the standards Rohail had set for Coke Studio.

Come back in the next Season Rohail. It will be so great to listen to your creations again!


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